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Lauren has been airbrushing for over 10 years. She has airbrushed on many different materials and substrates. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in your very own unique piece of art.

Illustrations / Visual Art


The beautiful (and functional) things we love don’t just come out of nowhere. From the clothes we wear to the art hanging on our walls to the buildings we live in, these things wouldn’t exist without an eye for visual arts and design.


Studio Artastic has experience in applying illustrations and transforming them into apparel garments and accessories.


We have an eye for detail in creating life-like images from photo references.

Instructive Illustrations


If you are running a business you are very likely to need custom illustrations to be designed for various business purposes.


Conveying a message. Use illustrations if you want to convey an idea which is difficult to express or it would take a lot of time to explain and describe what you mean.


Education. Illustrations are used for education purposes from the very beginning of human’s life. That is the reason why illustrations are used to educate children and to develop their imagination.


Advertising and Attracting Attention.

Illustrations are especially important if you are launching a new product or company and trying to build brand awareness. Very often presence of illustrations determines whether a text will be noticed and read.

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